Discover Your Ideal Coffee Brewing Method

Curated Collection

As coffeelovers and coffee makers we understand the dilemma we face when it comes to choosing the best coffee brewing method for us, which will depend more on the type of coffee we like the most than the method.  The variety of options can be overwhelming and many times we do not know the characteristics of the coffee that is obtained, and finding quality products can be a challenge.

This is why we have created a Curated Collection of Coffee Preparation Methods and Tools that we hope will make it easier to start your journey through the world of coffee. 

French Press

Type of coffee: The French Press produces a rich and full-bodied coffee, with more oils and sediments than other methods.

Coffee Grind: Coarse, similar to sea salt.

Purchase considerations: Look for a press that has a good quality filter to prevent the ground coffee from ending up in the beverage. The glass should be heat resistant and the structure made of metal or durable plastic.

Additional utensils: You will need a stirring spoon, a timer and a kitchen scale if you want to be precise in the proportion of coffee and water.

Miuly Coffee Maker

French Press

Bialetti Preziosa Coffee Maker

French Press


Coffee type: The V60 can produce a coffee with bright flavors and clear notes, highlighting the complexity of the coffee.

Coffee grind: Medium-fine, similar to the texture of granulated sugar.

Purchase considerations: Be sure to purchase paper filters compatible with the V60. Ceramic or glass drippers are preferred for their ability to retain heat.

Additional utensils: You will need paper filters, a pitcher or receiving cup, a scale, a timer and a gooseneck kettle for better pouring control.

Hario Porcelain


Hario Set Coffee


Pour Over- Chemex

Type of coffee: Similar to the V60, Chemex coffee is clean and smooth, with fewer oils due to its coarse filters.

Coffee grind: Medium, slightly coarser than the V60.

Purchase considerations: The Chemex filters are specific to this method and thicker than other paper filters. The quality of the glass and a sturdy handle are important.

Additional utensils: You will need the Chemex filters, a scale, a stopwatch and a gooseneck kettle

Chemex Coffee Circle Classic

Pour over

Bodum 11571-109

Pour over